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Hearing Test

The Free Online Hearing Test

The best Online Hearing Test from HearFon is

100% free and provides accurate results

Why HearFon Online Hearing Test is the Best?

Hearing Test Solutions from Canada

Used to Program HA

Quick & Reliable

Instant Results

Consultation with our Experts having over 25 years of experience

An Effective Online Hearing Screening Test Using Patented Technology

Unique in its capacity to effectively categorize hearing ability

Easy to Use

Effectively Categorize

Mobile Ready

Despite some very stiff competition, and more than 15,000 overall votes cast, SHOEBOX Online took home the Silver Hearing Technology Innovator Award in the Telehealth category!

The Process

Online Hearing Test with Life style Quotient

Consult our Specialists

Discuss Hearing aid options

Hearing test , counselling & fitting at home

Follow-up care

HearFon Online is like your Retail Hearing Clinic.

Bigger, Better & Everywhere.

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SHOEBOX Online is not a diagnostic hearing test nor a medical assessment. It's a tool designed to give you general information about your hearing. Please see a healthcare provider if you have recently noticed a sudden change in hearing, ear pain, and/or discharge. Please stop the test if you experience discomfort (e.g. dizziness, uncomfortably loud sounds). This test is intended for those aged 18 and over. By taking this test, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Statement.

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